DNS enhance spectral map recipe question

hi, I would like to run the above DNS recipe, but have trouble with the dns_prepare.py script.
I have downloaded the DNS-Challenge data from:
GitHub - microsoft/DNS-Challenge: This repo contains the scripts, models, and required files for the Deep Noise Suppression (DNS) Challenge.
but looking at the instructions there you have to run:
python noisyspeech_synthesizer_singleprocess.py
which uses the noisyspeech_synthesiszer.cfg as an input. Do you know which commit of the DNS-Challenge data is expected by the dns_prepare.py script and what was the actual values in the .cfg file used ? For instance dns_prepare.py expects the folder ./datasets/test_set/synthetic/no_reverb to have been created.
Also, there is no hugging face pre-trained model, did you not get a chance to create this ?

Hi there, really sorry for the late reply. As this been solved?

No, sorry, I would be interested in a reply/suggestion, but if people are too busy that’s fair enough. Thanks.