Error (speech_separation project): mse_loss function, predictions and targets don't have the same length

Hi all!

I have run into a problem at mse loss calculation, as below:

The script complains that the predictions and targets don’t have the same dimension (predictions[“spec”] and clean_spec, in the figure, respectively). Has anyone run into the same issue before? I wonder why there would be a difference in sizes for predictions and targets. I believe the mixture and clean audio samples have the same length. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Agudemu,

It is possible that the dimension orders do not match, or the other possibility is that the sequence lengths are not the same. Can you print the shapes of predictions and clean_spec?


Hi Cem,

Thanks for your reply!

It is the mismatch in length; predictions: torch.Size([8, 553, 257]), clean_spec: torch.Size([8, 522, 257]).

I wonder why the model gives predicted spectrograms of the size that do not match the clean spectrograms. I am running the template script for speech enhancement in speechbrain. There was no such problem when the mixture was made “on the fly”. Now I am just trying to get it to work with fixed/premixed LibriSpeech dataset (data pair: mixture and clean target speech).

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Follow-up: the spectrograms of the noisy mixture have the same dimension as the predicted spectrograms. It turns out the problem is with my dataset: in some instances, the noisy mixture and the clean target don’t have the same dimension!

Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it!