Is Speechbrain Pytorch 1.10 compatible?

Does speechbrain run on the new 1.10 as the ARM64 MKL fixes are only in that version?

Py torch 1.10.0, torchvision 0.11.0, torchaudio 0.10.0, torchtext 0.11.0

We did some tests and it sounds like we are compatible. We are not acknowledging it yet as more testing is necessary.

Just not sure if its the Arm64 Torch build or Speechbrain but just returning null I think.
Torchaudio should work on Arm64 now due to pocketfft which will be great news but not having much luck.

I faced problems while working with the RNNT loss from Speechbrain and PyTorch 1.10

I installed on X86 and did the same with

Works fine with the examples so the wheels on offer for Arm64 would seem to be the problem not Speechbrain for my application with 1.10 / 0.10